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From Sovereign Nations to Federal States. Creating Stable Systems of Fiscal Federalism in the United States and Germany. Lessons for the Eurozone.     Cambridge University Working Paper, March 2014

The importance of not defaulting: The significance of the election of 1710.

Paper contributed to Questioning Credible Commitment: Perspectives on the Rise of Financial Capitalism.  Cambridge University Press, 2013

Life After Debt.   Foreign Policy,  August 2011

Italy's fundamentals aren't worse than usual.  Reuters, November 2011

The Fourteenth Amendment.    Reuter's, January 2011

Lessons from the Jazz Age for creditor nations.   Financial Times, July 2009

How the French invented subprime in 1719.   Financial Times, March 2008

The social liabilities of reneging on pensions.   Financial Times, August 2006

Review of Niall Ferguson's  High Financier: The Life and Times of of Siegmund Warburg.   

London Review of Books, November 2010

Review of William Cohen's  Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World.      London Review of Books, November 2011

Still a National Blessing?  Public Debt in the "Post-war" Era.

Cambridge University conference paper, September 2007

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